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The White Wolves

The White Wolves is a friendly online community of avid gamers who have been playing a variety of MMORPG's over the years and like to hang out together to talk about games, life, the universe and everything.

Originally formed as a guild called 'The Knights of the White Wolves' in Ultima Online in 1999, the White Wolves moved on to Star Wars Galaxies in 2004 and since spread to other games. They are currently mainly active in Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Lord of the Rings Online, Rift and Final Fantasy XIV but are prone to trying every new online and offline game in existence.

Note: The website has a dark theme which you can try here or set in your control panel once for all.


Homeward Bound

by peecee » April 10th, 2014, 8:07 am

Estate Hall complete! The word flashed across my screen announcing a major event in the history of The White Wolves of Eorzea. Its taken sweat blood and many knife point robbery's to acquire the Gil needed to get there but we pulled together, and we did it.


Thanks to the following and in no particular order:
Jokar, Iori, Miss Mojo, Kiba, Ripply, Arkadi, Rozus, Stitcheth, Garuro, Rieko, and Lddowser who all put money into the guild bank to achieve this feat.

After putting it out to vote Mist came in first place pipping the Goblet of Uldah by one vote. So Kiba and Rieko surveyed the area to find a spot of both beauty and convenience. Not only are we situated right by a Market Board, a Retainer Bell, and an Atherite, we have stunning panoramic views of Mist itself.


Once our location was decided with much fanfare and quite a few of us present we threw 2.1million Gil down and bought the most majestic, most beautiful, most outstanding, most expensive... patch of land!!!! :wall: Yes, the house don't come free!

After a bit of reshuffling from our offshore accounts that are registered under the name of Rosie, we managed to cough up the extra £450k for a small house. Ok its a 1 up 1 down, but its a start, and its a place to call home for all of us.

After some excitement and exploring, with Iori claming his bedroom, I left Rozus to do some spring cleaning while I went off to earn some bread (Duty). When I came back an hour later I was astounded with the work Rozus had achieved. He had put in new walls, rugs, pictures, couches, it looked amazing. I helped myself to the fridge, sat in front of our new fireplace, and put my feet up!

That's when 2 random people walked in with puzzled looks on their faces. It was at this point I realised I was in next door's house! What a way to greet the new neighbours! :rofl:


Still when I went into the right house, Rozus had put in a table! Slight anti climax but beggars cant be choosers.

Well that's it, we are that one step closer to world domination my friends. This is your home, use it freely, together we can make it our place of sanctuary where we can socialise, craft, garden, or just relax.


Or as Ldd has already done, walk around naked!


Rift, Events.

by Missy » April 6th, 2014, 1:03 pm

Rift have fridaynight events and here is one of our evenings posted on a blog that I'll share here. Orders from our winedrinking chatterbox, no names mentioned *giggles* guess who!

Hammerknell Fortress.

Let's see who was there shall we :)


Here we are, gathered at the entrance, with our maskot - the sheep (its Jacqques) I think he is "grasing" on the stonefloor.


Haafingar (I think) showing us some moves before we start. He dances mighty fine, even think that pink monster behind us is attracted to his dance :D


Let's have a fiest before we start shall we. Someone have been nice enough to bring us some foodbuffs :)! It's a nice craft to have,beeing able to feed the whole raid with stats.


Allright, we start nice and easy at the first boss. It's a quite simple boss. Tank'n'spank in first phase, then we kite boss around, avoid some stuff on floor. Avoid cleave from boss, and change tanks when debuff gets to high (it lowers the tank's toughness). The boss goes down without any troubles, and we move on!


Second boss, is some sort of pregnant black shadowdemon :P Atleast thats what she looks like. She was fairly easy allso. Tankswopping after 3 stacks, bring adds to middle of the room and nuke them down. Im not sure if there were any other mechanics, I know someone was talking about going to another floor, but not sure what happened there. We killed her non the less on second try after we killed those adds :) They got a bit nasty, I think they drained my mana or something as I got empty when we had alot of them.


Here she is, deadded! Ohyeah! Might be evil killing a preggars lady, but she is a demon after all.



After that we cleared some more trash to the 3rd boss.




After clearing this trash we came to the 3rd boss ye. Here we spent alof of time, our level of experience varies and for some this is a good but huge learningcurve.


This bringer of death, was just toying with us:P We only got to 50%, the lazerbeam and the Magus add that blew us up tons of times, just ate us up and spat us out like maggots. We will return for avengens tho. This is not the end, its not the end you hear!!!!

Meanwhile, between deaths...

We got snooow!






And a midnight snack!


It got late and we had to end it with a wipe unfortenatly. But we will return and we will kill it. Raiding has it ups and downs, yesterday we had a downer, but that does not mean it is not fun :) Wiping is a part of learning the ropes in raids, so here's to learning ey! <3

Thanks for the raid everyone, and looking farward to more adventures with you all :)

This newsbroadcast was brought to you by Missriley :toast:
(copied from my blog )
Last edited by Missy on April 8th, 2014, 6:05 pm, edited 1 time in total.

NEWS! Recordings from a long long time ago found

by Artucrus » April 1st, 2014, 9:22 pm


We've just uncovered some ancient chronicle device, telling the tales of an ancient band of heroes and misfits travelling the galaxy and doing important (tourist related) missions for all sorts of characters, non-characters, non-player characters, slugs, robots, mechanoids, animals and something in between.

Follow the tales of the ancient bard called Captain Mákk, the fearful, always covering gunslinger tank.

First event is logged down on a strange date, seeming to be March 3rd of the year -192.998 AD

So, group composition, lockouts and time constraints meant that Alatar had to forego the titanic clash with his arch nemesis 'Operator IX' on this occasion.

However, we instead ventured into a most foul hive of Scum and Villainy where we were assisted by a very patient Jedi Guardian DPS known as Pulverize. Although we stumbled along the way, the Wolves successfully defeated the dastardly "Operations Chief" after sneaking into Oasis City. Sadly, even intergalactic space heroes and heroines are constrained by their bed-times so after putting paid to the Chief, we bid our farewells and headed back to our ships for some well earned sleepy-time.

Not long after our band of idiots....errr...heroic fools....are at it again.

Second event is logged down on the scrupolous date of March 7th:

So, the Wolves reconvened last night to continue their quest to rid the galaxy of Scum and Villainy. Aided by a Norweigan Commando called Sugarpants McSomething, a man with a gun so large he was clearly compensating for something, we headed back to Darvannis for some unfinished business.

With only a couple of minor setbacks, the Wolves defeated the Cartel Warlords by clever use of tactics, including humming the Benny Hill theme to aid Noel while kiting Sunder around the back of the room.

With these supposed "Warlords" defeated, all that remained was Dread Lord Styrak himself. We almost took him on our first attempt, despite an Inopportune disconnection from Offengodt, but our second try saw us victorious. With the first of the Dread Lords defeated, the White Wolves returned home for some well deserved rest and considered their next move.

The foolhardy fellas ventured more and more about in space, taking on increasingly odd jobs. This one on March 12th.


You'll of course be familiar with the SW:TOR Wolves from some of their recent work, in such dangerous areas as 'The Terrifying Beyond' and the 'Villainous Scummy Place'. Last night, seeking even greater challenges, they hopped onto their space ships and made a hyperspace jump to the world of Oricon. As we all know, this is where some Dread Lords (crazy ex-Sith in funny masks) are hanging around these days, hatching evil plans and generally making a nuisance of themselves. Flagrantly ignoring polite appeals to cease and desist from the local residents' association, it was decided by the Oricon council that the Wolves would be sent in to repeatedly stab/shoot the Dread Lords until they fell over.

A crack team was assembled.

Gathering outside the entrance to the Dark Forest, er... Dank Fortress, um...Dreadful Furniture?, the Wolves initially faced a challenge in reaching the front door. Blustery conditions and slippery footwear led to top tank Noél losing her footing a number of times and hurtling through the air to certain doom at the bottom of a deep abyss. Naturally, being a White Wolf, guaranteed death was little more than a minor setback and we soon* overcame the guards and made our way into the fortress proper.

Suffice to say, the horrors of that infernal place shall live with us all for the rest of our days, but we emerged victorious after heroically defeating a range of enemies. Terrifying adversaries such as "clicky gate puzzles", "stroppy magnet rancor thing" and "fingery dread lord bint" proved no match for our cunning and perseverance. Well, mostly perseverance. With the tentacle-loving Dread Lord finally defeated, the Wolves retreated to plan their final assault on the Dread Lords' Palace...

* If 30 minutes can be considered soon.

The strangeness got stranger and stranger. Where this band of cog-fixated wrongdoers, doing things right - or is the bard, Captain Mákk, getting weirder and weirder?? On March 14th he recorded the following

So, it was Thursday evening and a group of the SW:TOR Wolves were at Alatar's apartment enjoying one of his famous Spanish-themed evenings. Standing around and chatting while Noél slept in a corner following too much Sangria, and trying to ignore the fact that once again, Bru wasn't wearing any trousers.

Suddenly, Juli'ana's emergency comm link started to ring. It turns out it was one of those Jedi Masters who looks like Yoda; the kind that you've seen a hundred times in the cut-scenes but who you never remember the name of. It was bad news from the little green fella. One of the cleaners on Asation had accidentally plugged Operator IX back in at the mains while trying to get her space-hoover working. The colour-obsessed, drivel-spouting computerised cretin was once again kicking off and the fate of the galaxy was hanging in the balance one more.

Hearing the news that his arch nemesis had returned, Alatar immediately put down his dish of paella and took off his matador's costume. Before long, the following group had arrived at Asation:

Needless to say, the Wolves were on familiar ground and soon put paid to the machinations of their most persistent enemy. One minor setback occurred when a well-intentioned game of 'Simon Says' led to Bru massacring the party. He has since been suitably chastised by Artucrus, who has rescinded his masturbation privileges for two weeks.

Now one final log has been entered by the illustrious, or endagered???, Mákk Jagan - March 25th:

Right, yes. So it's time once again to catch up with everyone's favourite band of merry space adventurers - the SW:TOR Wolves!

*pauses for polite smattering of applause*

First, please accept my apologies for any ***BOING!*** unusual noises during this update. I am relating this tale via Noe's Mumble headset which has been a bit temperamental recently . Regular readers will of course remember that the Dread Lords ***BOING!*** have been subjecting the peace loving residents of Oricon to some moderate inconvenience over the last few weeks. Some of their crimes include:

Leaving their mobile phones on during the movies in the Oricon cinema.
Randomly twisting road signs to point in the wrong direction, thus confusing non-residents.
Interfering with the locals' Garden Gnomes and arranging them in ***BOING!*** sexually suggestive poses.
Talking too loudly in the local library.
Refusing to use pooper-scoopers when their Dread Hounds leave unpleasant deposits on the street.

The Oricon tourist board, noticing a moderate drop in profits at the Oricon gift-shop, decided that enough was enough and it was time to call in the SW:TOR Wolves to rid the planet of this menace once and for all! Following an urgent holo-call from the beleaguered locals, Artucrus, our heroic guild leader ***BOING!***, set about picking an elite team to tackle the Dread Lords!

Progress was swift as Dread Lord after Dread Lord fell to our might. Finally, we reached the last battle where all the Dread Lords magically came back to life in a vain effort to defeat us. And when I say "vain", I should probably say "entirely successful". However, the week is young and the Wolves are ready and waiting to push their advantage and despatch this last challenge awaiting them in the Dread Palace...***BOING!***

Fortunately the holocron we found, who usually are filled with non-stop yabbering small green men, had been surprisingly filled with text. But one visual recording of one of their fights on the 25th survived, recorded by who seem to be the leader of these numbnuts - glowstick wielding Artucrus

You saw it first, on the White Wolves News Channel!

P.S. Thanks all, for having contributed to a wonderful and lively SW:TOR community. It really is soo much fun logging into the game these days.

And grats to Quickblast who were made Mentor, responsible for PvP stuff, and Speedstress who were made Mentor responsible for some Operations!

The White Wolves go Forth

by peecee » March 20th, 2014, 1:07 pm

It’s hard to believe that’s it’s been over a month since the last news update on Final Fantasy XIV. Time has flown by so fast, which I guess is the case when you are enjoying yourself so much. In this period of time we have moved from strength to strength. Steadily building our ranks with only the best of the best… and Kiba.

I kid I kid! Kiba Akiyama is a supreme bard, following in the footsteps of Cheryl Cole and Pj & Duncan, his songs keep our heads up high when the odds are stacked against us. For this he has been promoted to a recruiter!

But he isn’t the only one. For there there is now a bigger threat to the world of Eorzea. Once upon a time sibling rivalry was contained to only Rieko and I. However a greater evil has emerged, and strong in power of the dark side it is! Hang on wrong game… Enter Missy’s brother aka Ripply Cloudinian, the crit hit specialist! Also rewarded with recruiter status because let’s face it, he deserves something having to put up with Missy all his life.


Keeping it in the family Miah Hastings and her son Hope have been excellent additions to the free company willing to help wherever possible, and we cannot forget the German efficiency of Garuro Speedclaw keeping us entertained with some excellent videos of late. Check out his channel

Without wanting to miss anyone out please also welcome Iori Yagami who is busily flying up to level 50 and should soon be joining us in some endgame content. Also Mr Boojangles, Aurora Luperos, S’hakey Jimih, Krucial Pain, K’ehleyr Rozhenko and a special mention to Jokar Greyshield who has contributed large sums of money towards our Free Company house!

Everyone has been a great addition and there really is a feel good friendly atmosphere about the place and we hope to continue this with the future addition of Caam Egrit.


But what have we been doing all this time?! Well there has been lots of group activity, blasting through endgame content faster than your average guild seeing Ifrit off in one night then Garuda off in another.


Titan is quivering in his boots after we had him down to just 15% health after just 7 or so fights. This feat takes most Free Company’s more than 3 solid weeks to figure out so it shows just what we will be capable of at full strength. Can you imagine what we could do if we took ourselves seriously?! But where is the fun in that.


Anyhow, here’s to the future which looks bright, with Missy being moved to the Elder staff to help keep the ball rolling with future content, so we are in good hands! Keep an eye out on the forum calendar, we will be trying at least 3 big guild activities each week mixing it up with Primals, Raids, dungeons, and if Arkardi can keep those maps coming, more Treasure hunts. (No pressure)


I sign off with the trailer for the upcoming patch 2.2. If you haven’t seen it yet check it out. Exciting times ahead indeed.

Nijinsky Aguero

Rift - Guild Gathering

by Malbec » March 11th, 2014, 10:48 am

The Guild has grown considerably since its launch on the 24 January 2014.

Whilst everyone is free to do what they want most days and nights a general habit of grouping up at least twice a week, in large numbers, to go and cause havoc in various zones always occurs.

Friday the 7 March 2014 was typical of this, with one exception, I FRAPS'd some of the fun :innocent:

As always the night started in our Guild Dimension, and Nico our barman handed out plenty of drinks, to add that nice blur to our screens :toast:

Then off to the balcony and BBQ area for a bit of a boogie.

Our Dimensioneers [think i made that up] have been working very hard to provide us with a place we call home, and with hours of crafting and Carnival quests have by very careful placing items made the Guild HQ an exceptional place. I always get hungry when roaming around, especially by the BBQ :worship:

Our Guild Leader was well ahead of us on the booze [in game] and stripped off that heavy old plate to bust some moves [check the video ;) ]

After filling our boots with food and drink we set off to Shimmersand with a Raid full of White Wolves to go stomp some balloons to clear off the Carnival Weekly along with gathering more currency for our members to buy more items for their Dimensions of characters.

It was then time to do battle with the Planes but Invasions were not very friendly in popping for our average level requirements so we jumped into some Instant Adventures, which whilst fun, became a complete zerg fest and we was running out of mobs very quickly :lol: .

It was then time to pop back to Shimmersand and get the Desert Queen Achievement, for some Guild Chat spamage.

Eventually some Invasions popped which where done in pure White Wolves style, along with some Hunt Rifts.

This great evening was then finished off with a trip into the Drowned Halls, with a few of us already having this done we thought we would show others what fun a 10man Raid can be, so we did it as a 7 man but our higher level members mentored to green. We had a few deaths while some of the mechanics were learnt but it was not long before the zone was cleared and more achievements and some loots was had.

The Guild is growing in level and numbers at an amazing pace, and the team is filled with such helpful and wonderful people all over the world, it is a pleasure to log in from real life and even just chat away in /Guildchat

It very difficult to explain in words how much fun it is on nights like this but the following video says it all.

Thanks Wolves and more fun will follow, thanks to you


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Its a good job im not easily offended !
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i didnt know you like hello kitty THAT! much peecee, maybe thats why you need so much attention :O
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this is more your bag garuro!
User avatar peecee
Today, 1:06 pm
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Today, 10:26 am
dark souls 1 was already a cakewalk :( maybe when i see some facts that they made it harder i will get it
User avatar peecee
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dark souls 2 tomorrow garuro. too hardcore for you tho i bet
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freaking downtime on ffxiv >_> guess ill pick up warframe on steam and be a fancy space ninja
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whaaaat?! nothing wrong with that post. it was funny!
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Got rid of it *slaps airik*
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User avatar Airik
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I dont think its fair you call them that based on their manhood matie.
User avatar Garuro
Yesterday, 10:48 am
sounds like the midget twins having some communication issue because someone seems to be slow
User avatar peecee
Yesterday, 10:24 am
thats why i learn my class and you are just balls at everything!
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Yesterday, 9:59 am
I'm not having you holding me back. It takes you 4 years to level a character.
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User avatar fowlskins
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morning meric
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Yesterday, 9:11 am
can you get friday off for an all dayer?
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Yesterday, 9:11 am
dont go steaming off without me on the levelling rieko
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Yesterday, 9:08 am
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Yesterday, 8:32 am
morning, how was the rift meeting?
User avatar meric
Yesterday, 8:31 am
Morning Wolves
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need to get my vita set up so i can get my fix. can connect to my ps4 when near it but wont let me do it through another wifi network when it should be find
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Yesterday, 7:40 am
i stayed up till 1.00 playing tsw then logan decided it was time to get up at 6.00 ....... i should know better lol
User avatar peecee
Yesterday, 7:05 am
up till laaaaaate running a dungeon with some of our new members. im fooked!
User avatar wrrlykam
April 22nd, 2014, 11:57 pm
Changed my password and locked myself out of SWG
User avatar peecee
April 22nd, 2014, 10:58 pm
connection lost too :(
User avatar fowlskins
April 22nd, 2014, 10:57 pm
im a floater jack of all games master of none lol
User avatar rieko
April 22nd, 2014, 10:56 pm
Lost connection to server guys, good time to call it anyway for me. Gn all
User avatar Airik
April 22nd, 2014, 9:34 pm
Nice to have a good chat with Sohar and Terras REAL Dad ! Proper top bloke :D (not so sure about Massie yacking my arse off all nite ;) lol )
User avatar Airik
April 22nd, 2014, 9:34 pm
Your a TSW ya Splitter ! :p
User avatar fowlskins
April 22nd, 2014, 8:57 pm
cant at the moment mate
User avatar meric
April 22nd, 2014, 7:57 pm
any rifters who aren't yet in game can you log in for a bit of a chat / meet

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